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The Big Bad (Necro Publications, March 2017) – COMING SOON!
– [Also Available: Limited Edition Signed Hardcover Editions] – COMING SOON!

The Charm Hunter (Necro Publications, 2015)
– [Also Available: Limited Edition Signed Hardcover Editions]

The King’s Ox (Strigidae Publishing, 2015)

The Harvester (Blood Bound Books, 2015)

One Bad Fur Day (Sirens Call Publications, 2015)

The Drunken Exorcist (Necro Publications, 2013)

The Sinner (Blood Bound Books, 2012)



The Crossroads (Hazardous Press, 2014)


Beer Battered (DOA III)

Thick of Chaos (Into Painfreak)

Grudge Pipes (Rejected for Content 4)

In Frigore Veritas (The Beauty of Death)

The First Reaper (Anatomy of a Monster 2)

One Dirt Road (Double Barrel Horror)

Last Clown Out (Double Barrel Horror)

3 Brothers Creek (Rejected for Content 3)

– A Calming Breeze of Death (Demonic Visions Volume IV)

Blood Jumpers (The Crossroads)

Burn the Witches (D.O.A. II: Extreme Horror Collection)

Chalk (Sex, Drugs & Horror)

Creeping Heart (Serial Killers Tres Tria)

Dance with the Dead (The Crossroads)

Dead and Breakfast (Gothic Blue Book: Cursed Edition)

Death Rattle (The Crossroads)

Demon Eyed Blind (Fresh Fear: Contemporary Horror)

Dewberry Farms (Long Pig)

Drakul (Twisted Realities: Of Myth & Monstrosity)

– Entrapment (Demonic Visions Volume V)

Hour Redemption (We Walk Invisible)

Icy Hell Awaits (Dark Moon Digest #16)

Isolation (100 Horrors)

In Silence (Shadow of the Unknown)

Maintenance (Mental Ward: Echoes from the Past)

My Beloved (Poe-it)

Option 3 (The Crossroads)

Red Harvest (Miseria’s Chorale)

Rest Area Ahead (One Hour)

Rudolph (You’d Better Watch Out!)

Rudolph (The Best of Cruentus Libri Press)

Seven Snowy Deaths (Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers)

The Basement (Gothic Blue Book: Graveyard Edition)

The Broken (Tell Me a Fable)

The Butterfly (Blood Rites: An Invitation to Horror)

The Chase (Demonic Visions)

The Elemental Killer (Science Gone Mad)

The Evil Gnomes (13 Quick Shivers)

The Flailing Arm (Gothic Blue Book: Revenge Edition)

The Grave Digger (Horror Society: Forgotten Places)

The Hunter (Demonic Visions Volume II)

The Hunter (Another 100 Horrors)

The Light of the Fifth Stair (Cellar Door)

The Pit (Legends of Urban Horror)

The Preacher (The Dead Man’s Hand)

The Realtor (Gothic Blue Book: Haunted Edition)

The Roadie (Splatterpunk Saints)

The Questioning (Slaughterhouse: Serial Killer Edition)

The River (Enter At Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning)

The Sugar Demon (The Dead Man’s Hand)

The Vegetarian Zombie (Splatterpunk Saints)

– The Weathermaker (Dreamscapes into Darkness)

Trench (War is Hell)

Trigger (Demonic Visions Volume III)

Where It All Started (Gothic Blue Book: Folklore Edition)


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