Limited Edition Lettered and Signed Hardcovers of The Charm Hunter

Limited Edition Lettered and Signed Hardcovers of The Charm Hunter now shipping from Necro Publications & Bedlam Press.

[Click here to order from Necro website]


Release: The King’s Ox is Now Available

The King’s Ox, a dark fantasy novel, is now available from Strigidae Publishing.

Paperback Version

Kindle Version


Full Cover Spread for THE KING’S OX

Coming soon from Strigidae Publishing!


The Charm Hunter: Advanced Paperback Copies

Here’s some photos of the advanced paperback copies of The Charm Hunter. Official release date is 12.11.15 from Necro Publications & Bedlam Press.

ch1 ch2

Edward Lee Reviews The Charm Hunter

The Godfather of Extreme Horror, Edward Lee, had this to say about THE CHARM HUNTER:

“Irreverent, hallucinatory, and noiresque–and eye-poppingly hilarious in the stylistic presentation of its ultimately grim viewpoint. I’ve never laughed so uproariously at a tale so dark and pessimistic. This is genre-bending brilliance. Today, there’s a new generation of horror writers bursting onto the scene, and Jones is one of the leaders of the pack.”

–Edward Lee, author of City Infernal, Header, and The Bighead


Coming soon from Necro Publications.

Cover: The King’s Ox

Cover for my upcoming dark fantasy/horror novel, THE KING’S OX. Coming soon from Strigidae Publishing.


Release: The Harvester


The Harvester (The Sinner Saga Book 2) is now available from Blood Bound Books.

Available in both Print and Kindle.

From back cover:

Armed with the knowledge of his true identity and the seven demons by his side, the lone farmer is released from his isolation and enters the world with a mission: deliver sin to mankind. It’s the greatest story ever told, by the most unlikely of narrators.

In this sequel to The Sinner, K. Trap Jones takes us back to the tormented crossroads between good and evil while exposing another view behind the creation of Hell and civilization’s first encounters with sin.

When all hope is gone, who can be trusted? This isn’t the devil you know, it’s… The Harvester.


Now that the farmer knows his true identity, he steps into the role of Satan and accepts the mission handed down to him by God: deliver sin to mankind. While accomplishing his goal, Satan stumbles upon a joyous city named Hell. Considering it another challenge, Satan decides to take the city as his own. Within his new kingdom, the farmer unleashes sin and harvests souls. But all does not fare well for the Prince of Darkness. God, in his infinite wisdom has chosen another man for another aspect of his master plan. Well, not so much a man as a child. And for Satan, that can only mean one thing. War.


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